The operating system for EV charging

Use ChargePay's CSMS to connect and control all your EV infrastructure from one central hub. Manage revenue, users, energy output, and so much more.

How it works

Connect any OCPP EV charger

ChargePay's software is open, interoperable, and hardware-agnostic. Select an EV charger manufacturer below to see how ChargePay's platform works.


Everything you want in a CSMS, and more

ChargePay's software is packed with features for every use case. We set the standard for innovation in the EV charger management industry.

Connect & monitor

Connect any OCPP-compliant EV charger. Automatic fault monitoring 24/7.

View your dashboard

Visualize your EV charging data in ChargePay's admin dashboard with unlimited profiles.

Configure your interface

Display live meter values & historic data, configured just the way you like it.

Schedule availability

Set EV charger availability, down to the minute.


Divide data & access by site, group of sites, type of charger, or user permissions.

Collect revenue

Set end-user fees and accept any major credit card. Secure & PCI compliant.

Track costs

Calculate energy costs based on local rates & track profitability.

Customize reports

Automatic report generation for admins & end users, plus CSV data downloadable any time.

Manage users

Group users & set permissions for residents, employees, fleets, and the public.

Set notifications

Fully customizable SMS & email notifications. For admins and end users.

Manage power

Advanced energy management  & active load balancing.

Stay up to date

Automatic updates: from EV charger firmware to ChargePay's dashboard & app.

Get help, 24/7

Tier 1 end-user support offered through SMS, in-app messaging, and toll-free number.

Get even more help

Tier 2 technical support with a guaranteed email response within 24 hours.

Add your brand

Use the standard ChargePay software, or add your brand with white-labelling.

Take control

Get full control over your EV charging experience with our flexible APIs.

End-user interfaces

Obsessed with end-user interface? So are we.

Web app

Today's simplest interface for transacting with an EV charger.

iOS & Android apps

Access EV chargers through standard or white-labelled apps.

Network cards

A tried & true method for end-user authentication.

Plug & Go™

The ultimate experience for seamless EV charging. Coming soon.


Our platform is just the start. Expand your ChargePay experience with deep integrations across the board.

Charging station aggregators

Find ChargePay chargers on PlugShare and ChargeHub.

Smart building & smart grid

We speak the same language as your building. And the grid.

Solar & energy storage

Supercharge your EV charging site with solar or energy storage.

Other integrations

From credit card readers to roaming with other EV networks.

ChargePay APIs

Built for developers

ChargePay's front-end is designed to delight EV drivers and building managers. Our back-end is built for third-party developers to extend.

ChargePay Developer Program
  • Connect your test EV chargers for free
  • Language-agnostic APIs
  • Add EV charging to your smart building or smart grid product
  • Designed for start-ups, enterprises, and everyone in between
OCPP Bootcamp for EV charger manufacturers
  • Develop OCPP-compliant firmware in record time
  • Unlimited test cycles with ChargePay's CSMS
  • OCPP certification pre-testing

Let's get started

EV charging doesn't have to be complicated. ChargePay is your end-to-end EV infrastructure solution.