How does Technophile Opencart App Works?

Opencart App – User Manual

The Opencart mobile app builder is a platform to develop a native mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. Opencart app can be used to create eCommerce stores just like Flipkart, eBay. For creating your own eCommerce store, you just need to install Opencart mobile app developed by Tangle Data on your mobile devices. You can allow even third-party sellers to register, login and list their products in the marketplace. You just have to add a multi-vendor marketplace extension in your store. This app provides a high level of customization to manage your products, seller’s profile, product categories and much more. All of this can be easily done from the back-end or from the admin panel of the Opencart marketplace app. The admin has the rights to manage or change various aspects of the eCommerce store.

This app going to provide its esteemed customers with lots of features, to savor their shopping experience in a more easy and mobile way in order to provide easier information access in real-time, creating services that customize the end-user experience, and creating services to the location of the customers.

Admin Benefit of Opencart App

  • With the help of Etsy clone, the store admin can easily convert their single-vendor eCommerce site into a whole new multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace.
  • The admin can even set the global as well as the category-based commission to be charged to the sellers.
  • The store owner can easily monitor or approve/disapprove the seller’s profile from the admin interface of the OpenCart app module.
  • The vendors can send a category request to the admin. These requests are processed by the store admin.
  • It allows the store admin to enable/disable the review/rating option from the site.
  • OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace plugin offers custom shipping options. If this feature is enabled, the sellers can add their own shipping methods.
  • The store admin gets 24 default email templates to keep the sellers notified about the various aspects.

Customer Benefits of Opencart App

  • From a wide range of product options, visitors can choose their ideal products.
  • The customers can leave their reviews or opinions for the products as well as the seller.

Installation of OpenCart Marketplace Plugin

In order to install the OpenCart Marketplace extension in your store follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the downloaded zipped file. Install the vqmod if you want the plugin to work. You’ll get the folders as shown in the image below:


  1. Copy all the files and folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of the site.
  2. The admin can find the OpenCart Marketplace extension at the path Admin Panel -> Extensions. Install the module by clicking on the ‘Install’ button corresponding to the module.
  3. The OpenCart Marketplace plugin is now installed and is ready to use. Go to Admin -> Main Menu -> MarketPlace


In the catalog section, there is categories, products, recurring profiles filters, attributes, options, manufacturers, download reviews.


  • Admin can edit/add/delete any category from here.
  • When you click on edit/add, it provides you following fields to fill – category name, description, meta tag title, meta tag description, and meta tag keywords. In which category name and meta tag title can’t be empty.

  • After filling category details you can click on the save button to add a new category.


  • In the product page, you can view all the products available on your eCommerce store. It also gives you the filter option to search for a particular product in your product list.
  • Like category, admin can add/edit/delete the products very easily.

  • To add a new product simply click on add button and fill in the product details.


  • The customers can give ratings and write reviews for the products if this feature is enabled from the back-end of the OpenCart marketplace plugin.

  • In the reviews page, you can enable/disable the product reviews given by the customers as per your choice.

  • When you click on the edit button, a review edit page is opened and at the bottom of the page you can change the review status from disable to enable and a review will be displayed on the page.

Opencart Mobile app module

In the category page display, an admin has the option to either to select “show subcategories” or “show products.”

Maintenance Mode:

Admin has rights to enable and disable the maintenance mode. If maintenance mode is disabled, the app will function normally.

If maintenance mode is enabled, the mobile app will not work and show a pop up message that you have written in the maintenance text box like “App is under maintenance” as shown in the image.


You can add your business location, email and mobile no. in your mobile app in the contact us page so that your customers can easily reach to you.

Drop a pin for your business location: You can add your complete business address here and it will show the exact location in your mobile app with the help of Google map Api that is integrated in your mobile app. You can see it in the image below.

You can even add company name and short content about your company in the title and content box respectively that will be displayed above your pinned location on the map.

Select slider

To add navigate to design: Here you have to select “Home Page Slideshow” to display selected images on the top of your mobile app as you can see in the image below.

Select banner

To add navigate to design-> Here you have to select “mobile banners” to display selected images below the slider image of your mobile app as you can see in the image below.

Select category

Here you can add any category which you want to display in your Opencart mobile app. It will only display the categories which you have selected over here as you can see in the image below.