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Complete iOS App Development Solution

Technophile has a basic framework to catalyze the development process for iOS App Development. Being native or hybrid (iOS), your app delivers the best of performance to your customers.

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Helping Brands Augment Through Our iOS App Engineering

Technophile has been building engaging native mobile apps in iOS and Android for renowned giants across the globe. Our code quality is superior. We use industry standards to build/test and deploy iOS Apps.

Urban Foundation wanted their whole system online

Urban foundation wanted to step into the mobile commerce arena to expand its reach. They found Technophile as an iOS app development Company. So Technophile developed a mobile commerce app in iOS and Android platforms through which the brand was able to reach millions of more potential customers. The app was bestowed with options for customers to locate stores, purchase online and get the item delivered to their home or pick up from the store.

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We equip your eCommerce app

with features that separate your business from millions of others out there.

  • Push Notifications

    Keep audience informed

    Connect to your audience more personally to ensure that every deal and promotional offers reach to your customers. With custom built iOS application, you’ll have all the freedom to send customized messages, pictures, and different content to your customers.

  • Instant Contact

    Connect with your customers instantly.

    Make your iOS app as one point of contact for all your customer. Help, support request or any request can be availed through calls, Email, Message etc. Our iOS app development team utilizes strict models to ensure safe communication.

  • Rewards

    Support incentivised shopping

    Provide your customers with bonuses and incentives for their loyal purchases, referrals, orders, card payments, contest participation, social media support and much more.

  • Native App

    Benefit on the ‘native’ advantage

    Technophile’s ready-to-go solution for building an iOS mobile app is completely fundamental. We are strong believers of the fact that ‘faster the performance, better the experience’. Hence, our iOS app development experts have come up with a framework that’s flexible and ensures a firm experience for customers.

  • Payments

    100% security guaranteed

    We put in the best of efforts for securily handling payments and to deliver it with convenience. With Technophile single-page checkout, paying can be done in a flash. We have already integrated PayPal and can also get any of your preferred payment gateways integrated into your app to process your transactions safe and sound.

  • Synchronization

    Multi-sale channels, One console

    Your app and web store’s backend will be in perfect sync thus avoiding the necessity to manage each business divisions separately. Through the iOS eCommerce backend system your inventory, orders, product details, shipping rates and much more, can be managed with just minimum effort.

  • Customization

    Get what you need

    Technophile has many ready-to-go iOS app development solutions built to embrace change. Every business needs customization so 3rd party integrations, APIs, upsizing and downsizing shouldn’t be a challenging task. Right from remedial to functional changes, every customization can be implemented smoothly.

  • Multilingual

    One solution. Many languages.

    A truly global iOS shopping app that is tailored for almost every language spoken and written in the world. The iOS app can be changed to any chosen language from the list of international languages.

  • Multiple Promotions

    Present offers

    Turn your hesitant customers into spontaneous shoppers by bringing promotional mechanisms like promo codes, discount offers, daily deals, up-selling offers, combo sales and much more. An Android/iOS Opencart eCommerce app built using Technophile API can leverage multiple promotions to push store conversion rates.

  • Multiple Currencies

    Comfortable payment experience

    Convert your browsing shoppers from around the world into completed orders with the advantage of multiple currency payments. We can be your perfect partner to build a native/hybrid iOS app that can transact in all international currencies.

Provide a better app experience to your customers

With a plenty of custom options available, you can update your own look, feel and functionalities.

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If you are familiar with setup then you or your team can do it yourself otherwise we are always here to help.

Google play store charges 50$ and charges for IOS app store developer account is 100$

Generally iOS & Android do take care of the old functions so that your application does not stop working when there is new OS released but still your complete application or a certain part of the application stopped working then you should create the list and contact us to get the problem solved.

You will get phone, email or skype support based on available method

We do have worked with many non-technical clients in past and we are helping them from all the aspects to have the properly designed product.

You can share each drop in your mind with our Techno-Commercial sales person; they will suggest you from technical perspective and even what approach we should proceed with; for the best output.

Webview Apps are built on web technology like JS, CSS/SASS, HTML but native apps are built on Swift/Objective C. Native apps are deeply integrated whereas web view app uses a browser to run.

We provide both native and hybrid app. Both have different costing but similar features and functionality.

Native apps tend to perform better in resource-intensive applications but in eCommerce Apps, it hardly makes any difference, In some cases, the Hybrid app will be faster than native app if properly programmed properly. Sometimes it’s better to have a mixed app which has both native and hybrid components.

There is no simple and straightforward answer. We tend to provide the quality work with reasonable pricing. You can ask for the quotation, we don’t spam our prospects. 

We won’t let this happen in the first place but in case you are dissatisfied with our service then you can you take a refund back as per the contract is done.

Kindly connect with us at info@technophile if you want to resell the service.

Reasons why should you choose IOS than Android

  1. iOS users spend more  on in-app purchases than Android users
  2. iOS users make a lot more money than Android users
  3. iOS apps take less time to build than Android apps (fewer lines of code needed)
  4. Swift – Apple’s IDE platform for mobile applications – is significantly easier to work on than Android’s Eclipse
  5. There are only three versions of the iOS platform versus 8 versions for Android

Our Team has expertise in both Objective C and Swift. If you want to connect with a Passionate IOS app development team then you definitely contact us. We design and develop IOS Apps in both hybrid and Native way.

The best part of our IOS app development services is justifiable cost, we have transparent pricing methodology so that our clients are not blindfolded, and it also helps in trust building. We are Based in India but we have clients all over the world.