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Reason why should you choose IOS than Android

  1. iOS users spend more  on in-app purchases than Android users
  2. iOS users make a lot more money than Android users
  3. iOS apps take less time to build than Android apps (fewer lines of code needed)
  4. Swift – Apple’s IDE platform for mobile applications – is significantly easier to work on than Android’s Eclipse
  5. There are only three versions of the iOS platform versus 8 versions for Android

At Technophile  we are experts in the space and offer a variety of iOS app development services all catered to your specific goals. We have launched hundreds of apps on the App Store, which are currently used by tens of millions of users.

We have all the talent you need to build iOS mobile products that are recognized for their simplicity, ease of use, speed and overall look and feel.

And we do it all in-house. No outsourcing.

Your iOS application is your new business card. You must have one if you expect to be taken seriously by your customers.

Our Team has expertise in both Objective C and Swift. If you want to connect with a Passionate IOS app development team then you definitely contact us. We design and develop IOS Apps in both hybrid and Native way.

The best part of our IOS app development services is justifiable cost, we have transparent pricing methodology so that our clients are not blindfolded, and it also help in trust building. We are Based in India but we have clients all over the world.

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about building an app on the iOS platform efficiently and on-budget while delivering exceptional user experiences. Our IOS app development team will provide all the files and codes developed for you.

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