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Technophile is a pre-built mobile commerce app building solution that helps build Magento mobile apps in Android & iOS that boast of great UX, high-end security & compatibility.

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Brands We Helped Reinvent their App Experience

Technophile has been the key builder behind creating custom Magento apps for some of the top most eCommerce retail stores in the world.

Urban Foundation wanted their whole system online

Urban foundation wanted to step into the mobile commerce arena to expand its reach. Technophile developed a mobile commerce app in iOS and Android platforms through which the brand was able to reach millions of more potential customers. The app was bestowed with options for customers to locate stores, purchase online and get the item delivered to their home or pick up from the store.

Over 100 Features

that turn your Magento app into an effective business tool.

  • Native App

    Go native. Perform better

    Provide a zippy user experience with your Magento mobile application. Performance of your mobile app will be on a high as everything in it is going to be native. Customers will find it easy to swipe and click around to find what they want. Using our superfast checkout with auto fillings, buying takes just a few minutes.

  • Deep Linking

    From Product Search results to Checkout

    Search starting in phone carried over to tablet for research, ending in a purchase desktop. Make it possible for your magento store buyers to reach the checkout page of the product directly from search results with deep linking. Keep your customers from straying away before completing the transaction.

  • Push NOtifications

    Notify your customers

    Be more personal and prompt. Pushing deal notifications to your customers will make them feel happy and hence the chance of a sale is always high. You can even automate your notifying system based on customers’ area of interest. Additionally, your admin panel lets you add personalized messages, images and more.

  • Instant Contact

    You are never far away from your customers

    Your customers are always at reach as our custom Magento app helps in bridging the gap. Your customers will have multiple options (call, email, text message) to contact you and all these can be done without remembering your contact information. Moreover, customers can get directions to the nearest stores.

  • Rewards

    Build Brand Loyalty, the Easy Way

    Keep customers loyal to your store by offering rewards for referring new customers, making bulk purchases, contributing to user reviews/ratings, contest participation and much more. Build eCommerce Android/iOS Magento app with reward options that can win customers once and retain them forever.

  • Payments

    Secured and smooth transactions

    Provide a secured payment gateway for customers to shop and checkout with ease. We can integrate the most preferred and secured payment gateways that ensure security of your billing details. Multiple currency support is an added advantage that lets you attract audience globally.

  • Synchronization

    Seamless connectivity between web & mobile

    Creating a real-time sync of data between your eCommerce store and mobile application saves loads of time. Once the sync is done, your product details, shipping rates, order details, inventory, languages etc., will be reflected into your mobile app. As and when you update your website, your Magento app will be ready with the same.

  • Customization

    Do it the way you want it

    Tweaks? Technology or API integrations? Everything is possible with M-comm as it is 100% customizable. Handpick the features you need and we can bolt them into your app. Your app can be thoroughly customized to suit your unique business requirements and strategies.

  • Multilingual

    Serve customers in their chosen language

    Give a native comfortable shopping experience for customers by prepping up a Magento mobile app for your online store that can be presented in any international language. Technophile M-Comm API will ensure language is no longer a barrier to selling.

  • Multiple Promotions

    Offer more. Sell more.

    Multiple promotional channels including but limited to coupons, loyalty points, referral points, daily deals, free shipping and much more that persuade customers to buy more using your Android or iOS Magento eCommerce app. Improve app enrollments, spike more in-app purchases and build brand loyalty at fractional costs.

  • Multiple Currencies

    Big list of international currencies

    Build Magento app that can transact in endless list of international currencies including USD, GBP, EURO, AED, HKD, YEN and much more. Offer customers the true experience of international payments, anywhere, anytime.

Create apps your customers prefer

Customize your mobile app on built on Magento 1 and Magento 2 to serve the ever-changing needs of shoppers.

Why Technophile Is Sooo… Good.

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Queries You Might Want To Ask.

  • How effectively will Technophile M-Comm support my Magento store?

    Apart from recreating your store built in Magento 1 or Magento 2 version as an app, this Magento mobile app solution has a trove of features. To save time, the auto sync feature updates the changes made in Magento store backend automatically to your Magento shopping app.

  • How unique is Technophile M-Comm from other Magento store apps?

    The uniqueness of Technophile M-Comm is that despite being a readily built solution for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 community editions, it can be easily customized. Be it features or UI design, one gets full freedom to build a customized Magento mobile commerce app using this solution. Also as it is a native solution, the performance of your Magento shopping app will be phenomenal.

  • Can I build my mobile shopping app without having a ecommerce store? Do I need a server for it?

    Yes of course. You can build a mobile shopping app even if you don’t have a Magento ecommerce store. Server is necessary to host your mobile application.

  • Does Technophile M-Comm support multi store functionality in apps?

    The answer is a big yes. Just like how Magento platform supports multiple stores, similarly this Magento store app solution lets you manage multiple stores in your Magento store app effortlessly without any lag in performance. Furthermore, special care has been taken to ensure that the tidiness of the UI remains unaffected.

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