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Become a Technophile Affiliate


Hundreds of Technophile affiliates have found a simple way to earn income for something they were already doing for free—spreading the word about Technophile services and products. As the IT revolution continues to grow, we are continously working towards providing low-cost development and marketing solution to startups, Small Businesses and SMEs. Join us in changing the way the world function and make this a world a better place to live. We seek Affiliates whose values match our own: Family, Customers, Quality, Integrity, and Teamwork. Additionally, we seek Technophile Affiliates whose values include Passion and Authenticity.

Program Benefits and Rewards

• As a Technophile Affiliate, you will receive a 10% commission on every lead which get confirmed between Technophile and user.
• Affiliate sales are driven through Technophile direct channels only, which include purchases through our website, by calling (+91) 900-5757-614, or in person at our Technophile office. Technophile will process and complete the order and will handle all customer service questions that arise over the life of the project.
• Your commission check will arrive at your mailing address, and you will receive an email with a statement detailing the purchases that are associated with your Affiliate ID.

Affiliate Criteria

Please review the Affiliate Program Requirements before completing the online application:

1. I have an audience reach of at least 1,000+ (social media or blog followers, newsletter subscribers, offline medium etc.)
2. I will generate at least two sales monthly.
3. I am not a current employee or sales rep/demonstrator for Technophile.
4. I am not seeking to be an online retailer of Technophile services/products or solely focused on selling Technophile's services and products only.

If you agree to all of the above, you are welcome to complete our application.

Additional Technophile Opportunities

If you are interested in partnering with Technophile but unsure if the Affiliate Program is the right fit for you, consider the following Technophile opportunities.

Technophile Sales Representative

We are always looking for lively, talented, and dynamic Independent Sales People to highlight the benefits of a Technophile lifestyle. (Please note that you cannot be both a Sales Representative/Demonstrator and an Affiliate.) To discuss Technophile Affiliate Program, please contact Corporate Accounts at (+91) 900 5757 614 or email [email protected].

Frequently asked questions(FAQs).

The Affiliate Program gives Technophile enthusiasts the opportunity to promote Technophile services and products while earning commission on phone or web sales tied to their Affiliate ID.

Currently, it is only open to US, Canada, Australia, India and Germany residents.

There is unlimited earning potential as a Technophile Affiliate. Currently, our program offers 10% commission on qualifying lead for Technophile services, associated with your Affiliate ID and 5% on the sell of Technophile products.

Once you are an approved Affiliate, you will be set up with a login and password to our online Affiliate Center where these resources and additional marketing support can be found.




If you have any queries or suggestions kindly use the chat box on bottom right side of screen or you can mail at [email protected].