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Technophile is a prebuilt solution, which enables you to create an eCommerce app that is native, secure, tailor made and multifunctional within a quick time span.

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Futuristic Apps That Empowered Popular Brands In Mobile Sphere

Technophile has been used to build top notch and custom made WooCommerce mobile apps for several established brands that had their store in WordPress platform.

Mobile eCommerce app created for popular sports chain in Qatar

Qatar’s leading sports retail organization, Sports Corner that has 17 branches desired to reach out to their mobile audience. We used Technophile to build a mobile commerce app called Sports Corner in iOS & Android with features to locate nearby store, consult the best trainer, notify clients about the sporting events, etc

Equipped With Features

that take your WooCommerce store to the next level.

  • Native App

    Agile performance

    Using Technophile we build a native WooCommerce application and therefore irrespective of your phone’s operating system (iOS or Android), the WooCommerce mobile app developed using this solution gels well with all mobile devices. Further performance wise your app will be steadfast and hence customers are assured of a quick shopping experience.

  • Deep Linking

    Search to checkout with one-click

    Deep linking will help customers navigate from search result links to product pages easily. Straight from search engines results to product pages or your WooCommerce store content. Make no mistake in landing customers where exactly where they are meant to be – product checkout pages.

  • Push NOtifications

    Offer an engaging user experience

    Push notifications help you to stay in customers’ mind. Based on customers’ purchase history you can gauge their likings and intimate them about the latest product arrivals or discounts on their favorite products through push notifications. By sending push notifications you can keep your customers engaged and also improve customer retention.

  • Instant Contact

    Stay close to your customers

    The WordPress mobile app developed using this solution lets you stay connected to your customers constantly as customers get multiple facilities such as calling, messaging and mailing. Further with location based services available customers get instant notification whenever they are near to your store.

  • Rewards

    Forge customer loyalty

    Turn customers into brand advocates with reward schemes and loyalty programs that will make them come back asking for more. Technophile API includes referral schemes, loyalty programs, rewards points and many more options to explore with an iPhone/Android WooCommerce app.

  • Payments

    100% secure transaction

    You can ensure your customers have a safe and a secure shopping experience as we integrate the most secure and the best payment gateway to your mobile WooCommerce app. Further, this solution supports multiple currencies. Hence, you can reach out to diverse customers across the globe.

  • Synchronization

    Saves a huge chunk of your time

    One of the highlights of Technophile is that your WordPress eCommerce website and your WooCommerce mobile app will be automatically synchronized. Hence, whenever you make any alterations in your website backend, the changes gets reflected automatically in your mobile app. So you need not have to perform the changes on your app again.

  • Customization

    Building mobile WordPress app to suit your needs

    The specialty of Technophile is that despite being a readily built solution, it is very much accommodative towards customization work such as design overhaul, new feature inclusion, third party API integration and so on. Added to this, mobile app for your WordPress eCommerce store can be created in Android, iOS & Windows platform.

  • Multilingual

    Build international, speak local

    Build a native WooCommerce mobile app that your customers can use in any language of their choice. The app can be integrated with language apps with diverse linguistic nuances to serve a global crowd of customers.

  • Multiple Promotions

    Promote. Lure. Sell

    Lure customers into buying more through your Android/iOS app using multi promotional mechanisms. Flash sales, discount offers, promo codes, daily-deals, gift vouchers – the options scroll on endlessly.

  • Multiple Currencies

    Global payment setup

    A truly global payment setup for your WooCommerce shopping app comprising of multiple currencies like USD, GBP, EURO, AED, HKD, YEN and much more. Gift customers the fuss-free shopping experience of paying in their chosen currency.


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