How much does it cost to build a full professional website?

When we think a new concept of Business then we think of a professional website. Definitely, a website is the digital face of a Business which is the main center of attraction in Digital World.
But, everyone has types of questions regarding its formation. The questions are as follow:
What will be the cost for a best website design?
What will be distinctive in my website if I hand over my project to a Website Design Company?
Is there is any uniqueness in my website if I hire a web developer and a web designer for it?
What will be the problem if I form my website with my own creativity?
Let us answer your dilemmas
If we talk about the cost of a website then it depends on various factors. Let’s talk briefly about these important factors.
Design: Every website has something new which attracts the users that is coming on your website. It depends on the creativity of the web designer that how he works on your project or in other words how much experience he has in professional website designs? As he is the person at back end which brings your dreams in form of a distinctive design in front of the World. There are various templates but custom design has its importance so optimization of custom design increases the cost of website. The more pages you have in your website the more you have to invest.
Content: As content is known as the king of digital World. The accurate and catchy content attracts the users to stay on your website and read about your services. For a good content you have to handover your project to a website company which has experienced content writers who have ability to express the things under a respective word limit. For this you have to pay something more.
Functionability : It is a combination of message board, newsletter sign up, contact form, member area, credit card processing , file download and other social media icons which increases the cost of your website.

If we talk about the cost of a professional website then it comes between $5000 to $7000 or even $20,000.

Now, come to the answer of second question.
If you hand over your project to a Website Design Company then it will be a safe and long lasting relation as it will be the sole responsibility of that company to keep your website up-to-date and connect it with innovational ideas.
They will charge you for
Domain Name – It is not so costly but may be of $10 to $15.
2. Hosting – Yes, it may cost you costly as it depends on the company that which server he has taken to work. There are various server services for website hosting and each one has its own costing.
3. Maintenance- It is the very hectic process and depends on the ability of web developer that how he maintain it. When your website runs on Internet then users start to fill the appropriate form or sign up for the news letter. Sometimes, it happens that when number of users increases on your website then it starts to hang or its loading time increases, even due to overloading it cracks which is a great loss to your business. So, to keep your website running in all circumstances is the work of a website company which cannot be handled by yourself. So, your maintenance cost also increases with the facilities you are providing to your user.
4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- Now, after designing and forming your Website, then comes the task to keep it on first fold of search engine on number of keywords. Your SEO cost increases with increase in number of keywords and places where you want your website on the top.
5. SMM (Social Media Optimization)- To give your business an Identity in the mindset of millions of users your website company will do your Social Media Marketing in all social media platforms. So, the cost of your website is also depends on it as it require the types of designs and videos which are to be uploaded on these social media platforms which definitely work.

PPC( Pay Per Click)- It is the process of Branding by paying the search engine and social media platforms. In PPC, your advertisements will run on search engines and in social media but you have to pay for it. There are search Ads , Display Ads, Video Ads, Gmail Ads, App Installation Ads and social media ads which you see when you open your Facebook or search anything on search engine or watch any video on You Tube. It depend on you that how much do you want to invest in Advertising.

But SEO, SMM and PPC are not the part of website design. They are the additional things which build your stability in the market.

Now, comes the answer of your third question.
If you hire a web developer and web designer then it also costs you more and you will not get the real design of your website as they work with their own creation as there is no one to discuss about the layout or anything important for your website.

It would be tough to answer your fourth question as you are trying to build your Website by your own which is a very typical task if you are not from a IT field. Yes, there are options to create your own website but it will be ready made templates and plugins that you will use in making your Website which sometimes need optimization which is the work of a web developer.

So never be confused, just hire the best Website Company and leave all these hassle on them. We are an e-commerce website development company in Delhi. Let us know if we can be of any help.