StalkBuyLove: An art of calculated risk

StalkBuyLove is an online marketplace that offers apparels, jewelry, and bags for women. StalkBuyLove is backed by an Indo-European business family from the fashion space. Stalkbuylove was co-founded by Tushar Ahluwalia and Rashmi Ahluwalia, in 2012. StalkBuyLove’s headquarters is located in New Delhi, India. StalkBuyLove has raised a total of $7 million in funding.

Stalkbuylove provides the trendiest style and best fashion inspiration on their online portal. They make super unique designs that you won’t find anywhere easily. The fashion content is one of the major USP of StalkBuyLove. StalkBuyLove has raised $1 million in venture debt from Trifecta Capital to strengthen its supply chain technology and expand its team

StalkBuyLove is different from other private labels in digital space as its products are completely designed in-house taking inspiration from international catwalks and trends. Vertical integration allows StalkBuyLove to be super fast as it takes just 6 days from product design to actual upload to the website.

StalkBuyLove is a vertically placed company along the value chain, they are a product-centric fashion company rather than an eCommerce company. The vertical approach also reduces inventory exposure and customer acquisition costs. The fashion portal leverages on its supply structures to deliver a highly efficient supply model with realized gross margins of 70%. StalkBuyLove claims to have 8% month-over-month growth with a current gross revenue run rate of $5 Million.

The company’s co-founder Tushar considers India is a long term game. Within the next few years, India will most likely become into one of the biggest consumer markets of the world and StalkBuyLove plans to grab this opportunity. StalkBuyLove aspires to build a global fast fashion company out of India, that will compete with H&M, Zara, Forever21, Asos in their respective target markets.