Why choose Opencart for your eCommerce Store?

Choosing a perfect eCommerce platform has become crucial for businesses to achieve its aim and objectives. OpenCart is recognized as one of the top-end solutions that combines flexibility, simplicity, and multi-functionality. It has shown extreme popularity among both e-Commerce beginners and developers.


Top 5 Benefits of OpenCart eCommerce Solution

Simple store set up

A simple set up process is one of the major OpenCart benefits. The platform was developed with users in mind. A person without any technical expertise can easily create a shop in Opencart. So, you don’t need to hire a developer. You can launch an online shop in simple steps:

  • First, install Opencart.
  • Choose from a wide range of Opencart themes.
  • Add your products and fill product details.
  • Configure functions and modules like languages, payment and shipment methods.
  • Now you can receive orders and sell products.

As you can see, the process of installation is quite easy.

Performance and Usability

Website speed is one of the key points that affect a customer’s shopping experience. An OpenCart shopping cart is lightweight e-Commerce solution that reduces load time and thus increases store speed. Shopping cart provides a possibility to use numerous features to increase usability for clients.

Multi-Store Functionality

OpenCart supports multi-store function, which allows managing several different stores from one admin panel.

Localize each store for different countries by setting different default currency, language, and tax class. It can easily manage online stores having different designs, products, modules, customer databases etc. You can manage a single inventory for multiple stores, etc.

 OpenCart multi-language support-

In Opencart you can add as many languages you want according to the customer needs. The languages available can be viewed at Opencart Language Page. You can download the language packs and include that in your e-commerce store. The website can be fully translated to suit international customers. OpenCart’s multi-language facility gives you the opportunity to go beyond international borders.

Features and Extensions

OpenCart is a platform well known for its high level of functionality. You can expand store functions and features with the help of numerous extensions. The Opencart has 12325 extensions, modules, and templates.

With default payment gateways that are widely accepted in the market, you don’t have to worry about a thing. It also provides analytics report system so you can always have a track of your sales and what products are purchased more.

These are the main benefits of Opencart eCommerce store. It is a perfect solution for small or middle-sized online stores.