eCommerce is a talk of town these days in almost every age group. The invention of faster internet connectivity and powerful online tools proved to be a catalyst for eCommerce.

But everyone doesn’t seems to be happy with this progress specially local shopkeepers. Some shopkeepers claimed that their business shrunk to almost 1/4 due to online marketplaces. Their profit started reducing because it is really difficult to keep up the margin in this cut throat competition. Also people are easily attracted to cashback and big billion days .Worried by these points Gagan, a shop owner in Mumbai took a different approach which change everything around him. What he did is a precedent to other shopkeepers.

  1. First he set up an POS(Point of Sale) software in his local shop.
  2. Storezigo Point of Sale software enabled Gagan to grab email or phone of existing customers
  3. Now he has database of all the the local customers with their purchasing product.
  4. Now Gagan started campaign on existing database promoting other products or new products.
  5. Storezigo enabled Gagan to add a product wise filter so he targeted customers based on their previous purchase.
  6. This helped Gagan to promote his business attracting new customers.
  7. Later Gagan also started enabled eCommerce feature of Storezigo and also started selling online.


Pointretailbusiness of Sale is a great piece of software if used properly. It lets you track usage, monitor changes in unit costs, calculates when you need to reorder, and analyze inventory levels on an item-by-item basis. You can even control inventory right at the cash register with point-of-sale (POS) software systems. Point of sale software records each and every sale across multiple outlets, so your inventory records are always up-to-date. By running reports based on this information, you can make better decisions about ordering and merchandising. Also it is connected to a marketing channel where you can interact with the people seeking feedback or promoting products or services.


With a POS system:

  1. You can analyze sales data, figure out how well all the items on your shelves sell, and adjust purchasing levels accordingly.
  2. You can maintain a sales history to help adjust your buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends.
  3. You can improve pricing accuracy by integrating bar-code scanners and credit card authorization ability with the POS system.
  4. You can seek feedback of a product or promote any product by connecting it by marketing channel.

Features of Storezigo Point of Sale :

  • Ease of use. Storezigo has great interface making any operation User Friendly.
  • Entry of sales information. You can enter sales information manually or by a barcode reader. Once the inventory code is entered, the systems call up the standard or sales price, compute the price at multiple quantities and provide a running total. Its really easy to enter sales manually when needed by letting you search for inventory codes based on a partial merchandise number, description, manufacturing code or vendor.
  • Pricing. Storezigo POS systems generally offer a variety of ways to keep track of pricing, including add-on amounts, percentage of cost, margin percentage and custom formulas. For example, if you provide volume discounts, you can set up multiple prices for each item.
  • Updating product information. Once a sale is entered, Storezigo automatically update inventory and accounts receivable records.
  • Sales tracking options. Storezigo has multiple sales option integrated so you can either do the sale at one step or in multiple step.
  • Security. Security is primary concern Storezigo provide everything encrypted and secured by latest algorithms.
  • Taxes. Taxes vary so Storezigo has a better approach towards the taxes.
  • Perhaps the most valuable way POS systems help you gain better control of your business is through its reporting features. You can slice and dice sales data in a variety of ways to determine what products are selling best at what time, and to figure out everything from the optimal ways to arrange shelves and displays to what promotions are working best and when to change seasonal promotions.

Reporting capabilities available in Storezigo include sales, costs, and profits by individual inventory items, by salesperson, or by category for the day, month and year to date. Special reports can include sales for each hour of the day for any time period.

Every business is unique so if the Storezigo package is not upto the mark we customize the software according to the needs of customer to meet the requirement. Visit Storezigo for more details.