Very often we feel low or upset. Sometime it’s due to some reason like arguments or so but most of the time it’s due to lack of reason to feel good. Now the point is, What should we do in those situations?

Jonathan Safran Foer said:

It was not the feeling of completeness I so needed, but the feeling of not being empty.

Now the point is not in who Jonathan Safran Foer is or was? But the point is in what he said? So lets start with steps we need to follow when we feel such.

Keep yourself occupied.

We hear often from people that “Always do some work, Never sit idle”, although I am not saying that all what people say is always right, but this time they are absolutely correct. Everything has logic, now lets understand this with the concept of positivism and negativism. Lets take a weird example : Say your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband whom you use to talk at night is talking to “Somebody” and your call is in wait from half an hour. Now honestly what will the first thought will come in your mind. Probably, 10% of people will say she might be in some trouble and trying to sort out something important (Positivism). But I am sure 90% of people will think Negative. Its not anyone’s fault that they think like this. Negativity prevails, whenever there is not positive there is negative.(Electron theory proves it). So the point is whenever you let your mind empty negativity will prevail. So better use it in something else, say some work you like most.

Music is best treatment.

Music is a good tool that we can use in such situations. Try inspiring one, It will help depend on what type of music one’s like.

Best buddies help a lot.

Best buddies can get us out from feeling low, after a while we will forget past and be back in our routine. If one can’t be with such then he/she should try their favorite place.

Try changing place, sometimes it helps.

Sometimes changing of place helps in this situation. Change of place imparts a lot of new things around us. Sometime that imparts positive energies into us and recharge us.

A lot of other ways are there to recharge ourselves, try finding one that always works for you. Actually two, what if one dose’t work?

Be Happy and and keep yourself informed…