If you are in salon or beauty parlor business you love your traditional way of doing business. You might be earning good, but do you know you with a small tweak in the way of business you can see up to 30% growth in your business. It is proved by a survey that if you can tap your customer data and utilize the data properly for marketing purpose, you can expect recurring customers. All you need is a beauty parlour software.

Joe Mansueto said:

Once you create a loyal customer base, it’s tough for a competitor to take that away.

Remainder and Feedback alert

With digital intervention you can reach to your customers pocket very easily and that’s where Storezigo beauty parlour software comes into play. You can even automate the process with Storezigo. All you have to do is set a reminder alert. With reminder alert you can set the time ie. when to remind the customer after purchasing this service. You can also seek feedback from your customer trough multiple channels like SMS or email. This helps your customers to send you their true views.

Customer Loyalty Reward

With Storezigo beauty parlour software there are various other benefits like when a particular customers steps into your store you know what service he/she took previously so you can suggest better alternatives of at what interval a particular customer takes the service. Not only this you can also give special discount if you have a loyal customer coming in. Customer loyalty is based in the number of your customer visited the shop or store.

Cashback and Discounts

Cashback and Discount are two prominent factors in alluring new customers. It is generally used in online services but with Storezigo you can harness the power of Cashback and Discounts to promote your services. You can create discount codes and promote that discount code by bulk SMS in your area and get it printed in pamphlet. This helps to attract new customers in your store.

Self Assessment

Self assesment is a very important factor in your business. With Storezigo beauty parlour software you have actual reviews of your customer after using your services. This opens to a new room of self assessment that what products customers are loving and where you need to improve your services and products.

With Storezigo beauty parlour software you can have an online website connected so that you can get appointments while you sleep. Online presence helps you get new leads and prospects.

Storezigo beauty parlour software is one stop solution for billing and customer management in your store you can manage your store via Storezigo and get all the data anywhere.If you have any query or doubt regarding anything please contact us via chatbox or contact form. We are always happy to discuss the possibility of how you can utilize the Storezigo sotware in your retail store.