With evolution of internet one traditional methods and procedures have started to evolve. Take restaurant industry for example, now days restaurants have equipped with modern software that uses technology to ease the manual task that took a lot of time. One thing that is remarkably accurate is the accuracy of the whole system. If the data fed to these software are correct then you can rely on the output specially in financial decisions.
To manage a restaurant one needs to have a Restaurant POS software in which the biller has to input the sales data and rest things are automated by the software like Profit loss Statement, employee productivity, Sales statement etc.

Here are listed some of the core feature of a Restraunt POS software


  • Table/Take Out/Delivery billing
  • Split bills on the same table
  • Billing over categories and sub-categories
  • Option for different items and rate list for Table/Take-Out/Delivery billing


Online orders from Website & Mobile should automatically synchronize to Point Of Sale system. This helps to manage orders at one place and consolidating orders and payments easily.


Easy billing access for Table/Take Out/Delivery billing, Mobile supported billing, Convenient bill split, Categorize bills.


There should be some option to reserve a table online or through any channel.


Online Feedback management helps the owner to easily process the feedback and also is environment friendly.
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