Magento is a ecommerce website solution that has many impressive features to make ecommerce development SEO friendly, presentable, custom based and caching in magento helped it to reach complete operational efficiency.

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Open source community believe that Magento is the best shopping cart solution due to some unique features that are listed below.

1. Elegant Marketing Promotions and Tools – Magento  has configurable pricing rules and that can lead to efficient marketing promotion to improve conversion rate. It has many unique tools like up-sells for shopping cart, cross-sells for product pages, Google sitemap tools, landing page tools for PPC and search engine friendly URLs tools.

2. Analytics and Reporting – Magento offers various report options such as sales report, tax report, tag report, coupon usage report, best viewed products reports, best purchased products report and RSS feed for new orders. These reports may help to optimize a website.

3. Search Engine Optimization – Magento offers many features to make SEO friendly websites. These features include creating Google sitemaps, full control on URLs to make magento development seo friendly, adding auto generated popular searches and customizing Meta information on all web pages.

4. Site Management – Magento provides a clean interface that allows efficient management of online channels. This site management offers support for localization and multiple currencies, one-click upgrades, CMS for informational pages and Google website optimizer integration for A/B and multivariate testing.

5. Catalog Management – Magento  offers catalog management that allows eCommerce admin to approve, add, edit and delete product tags and reviews easily. Catalog management offers various different options to display items while products can also be exported and imported for batch updates offline.

6. Catalog Browsing – Magento catalog browsing offers features such as up-sells, cross-sells, filtering by product tags, popular search terms and static block tools to create category landing pages and product comparisons. This makes Magento ecommerce website development easy to customizable accordingly.

7. Product Browsing – Magento  offers product browsing that has stock availability, multi tier pricing upsell, variable products, product views, multiple images per product and product image zoom-in capability. Product browsing in Magento is good comparison to the other ecommerce development portals competitors.

8. Mobile Optimized – Magento offers M-commerce or mobile commerce features. People can view mobile optimized versions of their ecommerce website which provides either the full site catalog or a smaller selection of products tailored for mobile customers.

9. Internationalization  – Magento is a global platform and it provides international support. It can create multilingual  websites which may support multiple currencies, localization, website registration and tax rate support to name but a few.

10. One page Checkout and SSL– The checkout features of Magento includes one-page checkout, shipping to multiple address in one order, checkout with account to use address book, accept gift messages per order and per item, checkout without an account/guest checkout and SSL security support that helps Magento ecommerce from bad persons that steal information of your customers.

11. Shipping options – Magento supports a lots of shipping options such as shipping to multiple addresses in one order, multiple shipments per order, free shipping, table rates for weight and destination and other. This feature can be extended with plugins for more customization in your magento ecommerce development.

12. Payment Option – Magento development can be used with many payment gateways and payment methods. It can accept purchase orders, checks and money orders. This feature can be extended with plugins for more customization in your magento ecommerce development.

13. Customer Service – Magento can increase customer satisfaction with its self-service and back end tools with features such as customer accounts, order tracking from accounts, order history with status updates, order and account update emails, customizable order emails and can create and edit orders from the admin panel.

14. Customer Accounts and wish list – Along with the full customer self-service, Magento offers the ability to save items to a wish list and their management. Newsletter subscription management, email or send RSS feed of wish list, product reviews submission, product tags submission and re-orders from account are some of the features of the customer account function.

15. Order Management – Magento solutions provides features related to order management. This feature allows for viewing, editing, creating and fulfilling orders from the admin panel, printing invoices and packing slips, creating one or multiple invoices, shipments and credit memos per order.

16. Multiple Site Management – One of Magento’s most important features is multiple website management and it ability to store content within a single installation.

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