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eCommerce business is a field that is very attractive for modern entrepreneurs because they don’t have to solve the typical problems that appear in traditional business. There’s a rising number of entrepreneurs whose ideal business model is the one that lets them choose any lifestyle they like, and run it on autopilot mode. E-commerce tends to be a fairly good answer to those desires. And this is the reason that more and more people are leaning towards this new type of profitable online business.

With all the tools, guides and resources laid out for you, all you need is passion and a strong desire to succeed. We had listed some reasons about why you should one start an e-commerce business this year.

eCommerce is Growing Day by Day

India’s eCommerce market was worth about $3.9 billion in 2009, it went up to $12.6 billion in 2013. According to Google India, there was 35 million online shoppers in 2014 Q1 and expected to  cross 100 million by the end of year 2016. The survey conducted by ASSOCHAM revealed that 38% of regular shoppers are in 18-25 age group, 52% in 26-35, 8% in 36-45 and 2% in the age group of 45-60. Almost 65% of online shoppers are male as against 35% female.

Well, while starting a new web store, choosing a right business model by considering the current trends and understanding the growth helps in making the right decision.

Starting  an eCommerce business is easy

Even if you are not particularly code-savvy, launching your first eCommerce website has now become intuitively simple with platforms like StoreZigo, Shopify or Zepo offering a wide selection of pre-made design templates, multiple payments getaways, easy check-outs and free hosting. All you have to do is just list your products and get things cracking.

Tools for marketing, optimizing and tracking your online sales are plentiful, and get even better over time. Even if your startup costs are low, you can get up and running without breaking the bank.

Online Shopping In Trend

Online Shopping hit the list of new trends in changing the consumer habits of purchasing from brick and mortar store. Changed technology has also brought a new trend of shopping with mobile. Whether you have big or small business, everyone would be able to sell more online compare to physical store.

The success depends on gaining your customer trust which leads to high sales. The fact depends on how you present your website, do customer find what they look for, how secure is their data online are few factors that helps in gaining customer trust. Vast explosion of eCommerce market today and positive reactions of consumer builds strong web presence, still more focus have to be laid on consumers privacy and data security.

Customer Acquisition

Unlike in physical store where chances of reduce customers create worry for your business growth, eCommerce business still finds the ways to cope in competition. Abandonment cart or declined customers can be optimized better again using the various re-targeting apps and tools available online. They will help in gaining your potential customer trust before they are actually gone.

Traditional marketing approach would no longer work and you need to change the interaction behavior with customer. Availability of various marketing channels in the present era using various platforms offer you to connect with your customers, share your products, know their likes and dislikes and find a better approach to present what your customer actually wants.

Few effective ways of promoting your business online are sending promotional emails, presenting value contents that speaks about your products, capturing your customer’s attention and aware them about discounts or sales.

Earn While Sleeping

Do you get freedom to sell even while you are sleeping? New technologies have allowed the merchants to set up their eCommerce store and sell 24/7 for 365 days. This is one of the biggest advantage that serves with high business revenue to sell products even while the other physical store are closed. All round the clock, you are getting potential customers and achieving product sales.


Many entrepreneur have got idea to do business successfully online or have bit extra money to start a new business. Well, you would be glad to know that the eCommerce store is one of best option to start new venture. Lots of online resources are available that lets you to build an online store. No major programming knowledge is required, only you require is having basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

Alternatively, You can rely on eCommerce website development company who can give you a store that is been developed as per your requirements and latest trends. Only you need to is planning and think of success.

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